Our namesake

The university was named after the physicist Georg Simon Ohm, who was one of the leading scientists of the 19th century. He studied the phenomenon of electric current with a passion. In 1826 he formulated Ohm’s Law, which laid the foundation for his continued success.

From 1839 to 1849 he led the Royal Bavarian Polytechnic, one of the original incorporations of what is now Nuremberg Tech, as its president. Nearly 40 years after his death, the International Electrical Congress of 1893 adopted the “ohm” as the unit of electrical resistance.

With the formal presentation of the certificate of appointment on 22 March 2013, the university was recognised as a Technische Hochschule and is now called the "Nuremberg Institute of Technology" (Nuremberg Tech).

The Management Institute of the Nuremberg Insitute of Technology (GSO-MI) was founded in November 2002 with the support of the Bavarian State government. The institute is an organizationally independent institute of continuing education within the Nuremberg Institute of Technology.

The goal is to satisfy the constantly growing demand for qualified continuing education programs geared towards international business and the increasing service-orientation in this field.

The emphasis within our programs is on training and continuing education in business administration and the associated specialist fields for professionals.

The GSO-MI started with an international, English-language MBA program. Over the years, the spectrum was enhanced to include certified management training, seminars and other postgraduate degree programs.


07/10/2016: OHM Professional School:

7 October 2016 saw the opening ceremony for the launch of the new OHM Professional School. Since then, the Management Institute and Verbund Ingenieur Qualifizierung gGmbH have been officially united under one roof. Both institutions can look back on more than 15 years of experience in extra-occupational continuing education. All previous study and seminar programs of both institutions are now bundled across disciplines under the new umbrella of the OHM Professional School.

As a university for working professionals, the OHM Professional School is the main focal point for part-time academic training at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology.

The aim of the realignment is to promote the Nuremberg Institute of Technology regionally and nationally as a leading provider of innovative continuing academic training, to develop pioneering course programmes and formats in close cooperation with the business community and to bridge the gap between applied research and professional practice by networking specialists from various fields.

Experts and executives from all disciplines are provided with an extensive offer of continuing education in the fields of engineering, IT, business administration and social sciences. Our catalogue presents a range from modular degree and certificate courses to seminars, conferences and colloquiums and is continually growing. Furthermore, particular importance is placed on the practical relevance of the courses. 


As the second-largest university of applied sciences in Bavaria with over 13,000 students and more than 290 professors, it has at its disposal a large potential of corporate contacts, partnerships with other universities (approx. 160 worldwide) and research projects.

Twelve departments in four areas of study – technology, economics, social sciences and design – offer undergraduate and advanced degree programs in addition to further education opportunities or dual-study variants.

The international nature of the university is shown by the large number of foreign students. Currently, approximately 1200 foreign students from about 99 nations are enrolled.