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Lifelong learning as the key to ongoing professional success - we, the OHM Professional School (OPS), have been part of this process since our founding in 2001. See for yourself what our strengths are! Find out more and read the OHM Professional School company brochure!

Learn more about the mission of OPS

The objective of the OHM Professional School (OPS) is to serve as a partner to both employers and employees in the process of lifelong learning. Pursuing studies while continuing to work puts great demands on students. The OPS assists its students in mastering this challenge by providing suitable services and a high degree of flexibility.

Develop your personality with our courses – Join OPS

Our advanced training programs offer ample opportunities for personality development, including the development of your character. We focus especially on the cultivation of creativity, maturation of social and cultural sensibilities, and an increased passion for life, learning and civic engagement. It’s essential and will guide you through the rest of your life.

Benefit from learning practical know-how combined

Building on a broad academic foundation, the OHM Professional School imparts practical expert knowledge. We emphasize the integration of methods and trends into applied research as well as a success-oriented approach to studying. Essential instruments for achieving these goals are platforms that enable and foster a continuous exchange between business representatives, students, teaching staff and former graduates.

Furthermore, much room is given to mutual intercultural exchange between members of diverse economic cultures.

Drawing on our long-standing experiences as well as on our strong national and international cooperation partners, we are committed to your success.