Prof. Dr. Werner Fees, Sabine Betz-Ungerer, Prof. Marina Sheresheva, Prof. Dr. Thomas Eckardt


Visit from Lomanossow University/Moscow

During 20th-26th of November 2016 the return visit of Prof. Marina Sheresheva took place.

During the Moscow visit of our MBA Alumni Organization in September 2016 the world famous Lomanossow University was a highlight of the program.

Professor Dr. Thomas Eckardt and Professor Dr. Werner Fees gave a lecture in a MBA course of Russian students, supervised by Professor Marina Sheresheva, head of the Marketing Master Program.

In return Professor Sheresheva was invited to Nuermberg, and this plan was realized already in November. From 20th till 26th November 2016 our Russian guest was giving lectures at our University. In a couple of meetings future possibilities for collaboration were discussed. During the next months the results have to be fixed, so we can increase our reputation based on a partnership with another worldwide known University.