Hiking in the woods
August 06, 2022

MBA – Get Together Tour @5-Seidla-Steig

On Saturday, 06 August, the next Get Togehter round for all MBA participants of the OPS will take place. For this year, the event comprises a beer hike from Gräfenberg to Weißenhohe via Thuisbrunn (approx. 18 km) on the so-called "Five-Seidla-Steig".

The event starts on Saturday morning at 8:15 am at Nuremberg Nordostbahnhof (Meeting point: Kalchreuther Bäcker). By train, it continues to Gräfenberg, where all other participants have the opportunity to join the group at 9:10 am at the train station. The tour itself will begin afterwards with a visit to the first beer garden in Gräfenberg. As the route will involve about 18 kilometres of walking, there will be regular stops at all five breweries, with the opportunity for refreshments including drinks, beer and food. After finishing the tour at the last stop in Weißenhohe, the group will return to Nuremberg together in the evening.

All students can use their VGN semester ticket (which is included in the study fee) to travel by train and all public transport services in the entire area for free. Therefore, no additional ticket purchase is required. For more information visit the VGN Website.