A man puts on his medical facemask.

Current pandemic rules and regulations: Changes and discontinuations

Starting April 2, 2022, the rules and regulations regarding the Corona virus pandemic changed. Read here, how this affects your lectures.

On April 2, 2022, the state of Bavaria discontinued most regulations concerning the limit of the Corona virus pandemic. Please note the following changes for your face-to-face lectures and visits to the OPS office:

  • The 3G rule is no longer in effect and entry is permitted to everyone without the need to present your current vaccination and test status. If you have symptoms which could indicate an infection or a currently under quarantine, please stay home.
  • The rule that FFP2 facemasks have to be worn now only applies when a distance of 1.5m between each person cannot be guaranteed. In general, our lecture rooms should provide adequate distance between each participant. If in doubt, please ask our staff.
  • Pregnant students may attend face-to-face lectures at their own discretion.

Our team will continue to provide information regarding any possible changes to these rules and regulations. Please continue to keep an eye on our website and your student e-mail account.