The picture shows some of the former MBA students that took part in International Business Mentoring

International Business Mentoring – Theory meets practice

The mentors support the students while they are implementing their theoretical knowledge to actual cases.

Since 2016 the OHM Professional School has been offering the program of International Business Mentoring. It is a cooperation between the IHK Nuremberg and the corporate consultant Susanne Bohn and her team. Together with the OHM Professional School the students of MBA cooperate with managers, the so called mentors. Within this program the junior staff finds their way within their future field of actions. The mentors help the students to get insights in the German business culture and support them with their career as well as their personal development. As soon as the students are part of a business, they will get their own point of view concerning everything that is going on in daily business.

This concept is working on both sides, as can be seen in the feedback of the former participants. Sabine Betz-Ungerer, the head of OHM Professional School, says: ”The international young professionals finally want to use their practical skills and work on actual cases. They wish for a mentor. But the mentors and their businesses benefit from this partnership as well: Experienced managers get ideas and impulses from the junior staff. In return the students get insights in other branches and cultures and expand their network.”

Procedure of the International Business Mentoring

The program accompanies some participants of the Master of Business Administration for twelve months. In the beginning there will be a process in which the students are being matched with an adequate manager. Furthermore, the participants will be looked after by one of Susanne Bohn’s coaches. Through workshops, individual counselling interviews and intercultural training the MBA students will experience an significant advancement – professionally and personally.

Advantages of the program

According to the former participants, the program has a lot of advantages. The International Business Mentoring offers a great possibility for students to test the theoretical knowledge in reality. Having a mentor can be a great asset in terms of developing expert knowledge. Apart from that, he or she might be a big help for students who are looking for an internship or a job. Due to the program, the international students of MBA will gain valuable experiences and learn a lot about the German business culture and teamwork. Thanks to the cooperation between IHK, the corporate consultant, coaches and mentors, the participants will get to know a lot of interesting people which will multiply their network.