Students of MBA during their study week at Barry University in Miami/Florida


MBA-students did Field Trip to Barry University in Miami

MBA students and other economic master students learned a lot about the American economy in Miami.


A mixed group of students that are participants of the MBA program as well as some other economic master students of Nuremberg Tech went on a study trip to explore the Barry University of Miami (February 26th 2018 - March 2nd 2018).

The OHM Professional School is offering this field trip to its students every year. Within this they make sure that the students experience the teaching situation, company life and the whole economy of another country from close.

Students of OHM Professional School in Miami: Tight schedule abroad

During the study trip the participants had to attend lessons which already started on the first day. In the lectures they had a look at possible threats for the global finance system as well as the Equifax, which is a consumer credit reporting agency.

Of course the Barry University also offered a campus tour that helped the MBA students to get to know the areal. So they can find their way on their own on campus during the freetime on the following days.

Apart from the tight study program the group also did expeditions, for example to the Hard Rock Stadium. It’s the home stadium of the American football team Miami Dolphins. In order to concede more comfort and entertainment, to improve the infrastructure which will increase the profit, the stadium was rebuild in 2015-2016. The stadium director himself gave a special stadium tour in which he compared the old to the new stadium in terms of business, processes and strategies.

During the week in the USA the participants had a few chances to interact with students of Barry University. So they had to prepare presentations and group works for instance about the “Student Managed Investment Fund” (SMIF) of Barry University. This is a course which makes the students use their knowledge and expertise to compare worldwide stocks, present the results and buy/sell real stocks. Furthermore the analysis of business models of innovative companies in China was part of their interaction.

The MBA-students also visited a company, the Flora logistics. It’s a logistic company that is focusing on the transport of refrigerated products. The managing director himself gave a tour through the company for the students and provided information about the company structure as well as several working processes.

On the last day the participants had to prepare for exams which took place in the end of the study week.

Besides the program at Barry University the students enjoyed their freetime in the city of Miami, visiting sights, at Miami beach or in one of the huge shopping malls.

Field trip to Miami – view of the participants

The MBA students of OHM Professional School said that the study week at Barry University was a highlight in their studies. Furthermore it was a great opportunity to see how companies in the US are working and to get to know different processes within the company. Of course the fact of getting an impression of the USA, its lifestyle, culture, campus life and teaching methods is interesting as well. Meeting American students, sharing study experiences and working together completes the whole MBA program. So it’s absolutely worth it!

One of the students even comments: “If you have the possibility to join a study week in a foreign country – do it and add some extra days/weeks for your own vacation!”

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