Das Bild zeigt drei MBA Studierende, gemeinsam an einer Gruppenarbeit arbeiten.
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We are your partner for further education

Lifelong learning as the key to ongoing professional success – the OHM Professional School (OPS) of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology (Nuremberg Tech) has been part of this process since their founding in 2001. We unite the various continuing education courses offered by Nuremberg Tech under one roof.

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Das Bild zeigt MBA Studierende der OPS, welche ihre Abschlusshüte in die Luft werfen.
Mehrere Studierende stehen vor einer deutschen Flagge.

Our German programs

We have a broad portfolio of extra-occupational courses, seminars, degree programs in German. For more details please visit our German website.
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Focused on your needs

With over 20 years of experience, we know what students pursuing further education need. Our competent team supports you before, during and after your studies. We tailored our MBA programs to fit the needs of our diverse groups of students. Our extra occupational evening lessons allow you to work part-time as well as full-time while reaching your goals and building your international network in Germany.

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Das Bild zeigt die Hände einer Frau, in der eine Wolke abgebildet ist, mit dem Wort "MBA" geschrieben.
Das Bild zeig eine Tastatur, auf welcher Study Abroad geschrieben ist.

Studying abroad

Welcome to our beautiful city of Nuremberg, the heart of a region filled with business opportunities in countless industries. We look forward to welcoming you as a student of the international MBA program.

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Join our Alumni Club

You would like to stay in touch with your professors and you especially don’t want to lose track of your fellow students? Our Alumni Network gives you a great chance stay in contact, as well as getting to know current students, for example at summer festivities, Christmas celebrations, online events, the graduation ceremony or management talks.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Weltkugel als Netzwerk.