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The Alumni Network of OHM Professional School - Your chance to keep in touch

While you were studying at the OHM Professional School, you received a top-class education and formed a lifelong network. Now you are heavily involved in your working life, whether it is logistics, purchasing, management or consulting. However, you would like to stay in touch with the professors of the OHM Professional School and you especially don’t want to lose track of your fellow students. If the above describes you, then this is the right place for you – the Alumni Network!

Thanks to a lot of dedicated work by alumni, professors and students we have established platforms and events for the MBA program to maintain and foster the existing network.

We would therefore like to invite you to keep in touch with the Alumni network on a long-term basis and to exploit the diverse opportunities it provides. Hence, we are always pleased if you drop by and keep in touch. The best way of doing so is by using the Alumni Network.

We offer you:

  • Reunions with fellow students as well as getting to know current students, for example at summer festivities or Christmas celebrations, the graduation ceremony, online events, conferences and management talks
  • A comprehensive network embracing the diverse specialised areas, industries and courses of study plus networking events
  • Assistance and input for questions regarding business practice

Join the Alumni Network - OPS MBA Alumni e.V.

The OPS MBA Alumni Association (OPS MBA Alumni e.V.) fosters the identification of active and former students with the OHM Professional School. It also offers a professional network as well as further education courses for students and the university.

A network of meanwhile almost 500 alumni is established around the globe. They are working in all areas of activities and sectors of the economy, governmental institutions and NGOs.

Greeting from Jochen Koch, the chairman of MBA Alumni e.V.

The experience that students gain during their studies at the OHM Professional School and in the subsequent vocational change certainly varies. Issues such as the double burden of work and study, the settling in a new country, the intensification of subject-specific competencies, the learning and extending of intercultural competencies as well as entirely new horizons and new friendships are among the challenges that the students face.

As a result, all students have one experience in common – master changes! According to this two-fold motto, it is the task of all Alumni of the OPS, today – as well as in the future, to master alterations and to change themselves through new experiences.

For this everlasting process I wish all the members of the Alumni network the best of luck. At the same time I would like to invite all current and former students of the OHM Professional School to strengthen the Alumni network through active cooperation and to make use of the network as a pillar for personal development.


Jochen Koch, President MBA Alumni e.V.