Graduates Master of Business Administration 2017

Graduates Master of Business Administration 2017

Re-accredition of our Master of Business Administration

Successful re-accreditation of our MBA in General Management.

The MBA in General Management was examined and evaluated by the accreditation commission in 2010. The following criteria were used:


  • Curriculum quality
  • Professional qualification
  • Modularity
  • ECTS - Credit System
  • Compatibility with standard program durations
  • Faculty and staff
  • Facilities
  • Quality Management

This summer, the program was re-examined and proved convincing.  The MBA was re-accredited by official resolution in September 2017.


Target Audience and Advantages over Other MBA Programs:

Our MBA program is structured to offer flexibility to our students; there are full-time and part-time options and both are designed with professionals in mind. There are two variations so that individuals without first degrees in finance or business can pursue an MBA.  All lectures and materials are in English, which emphasizes the international orientation of the Master of Business Administration in General Management. “In General Management” is possibly the most significant difference to other MBA programs of other universities. Students gain experience and knowledge in a broad range of practice-oriented and business administration know-how. Beyond the usual professional skills, our students are instructed in diverse soft-skills that provide them an optimal preparation for leadership roles.

The target audience for the program are young professionals, who already hold a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of work experience. Their goal is often a leadership position in an international field of business for which a sound education in business administration is necessary.


Excerpts from the expert report and accreditation recommendation from ACQUIN

A few points* from the expert report provide a small glimpse of why our program continues to impress:

  • Since 1997 (which made it the first university in Germany to do so), the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg has offered the English-language MBA program “Weiterbildungsstudium Internationale Betriebswirtschaft”. Including the graduates from Summer Semester 2016, according to the university statistics, approximately 600 MBAs have graduated from our program.
  • The MBA program is a “General Management” program. This distinguishes it clearly from MBA programs that are specialist-oriented. The students are trained as decisive generalists with analytical skills, strategic vision, leadership competence and ethical sensitivity.
  • The international backgrounds of the students and the exclusive use of English-language allow the students to experience an intensive, intercultural atmosphere; it presents the opportunity to act in that type of environment; and to learn how to constructively work within and across cultural differences.
  • The high level of interaction in and team orientation of lectures support the personality development and independence of the students. The broad applicability of the program in conjunction with sensitization to business ethics is well suited to advance individually and socially responsible behavior. The recent re-focus on soft-skills in comparison to an exclusive focus on hard, fact-oriented international business and economics instruction especially supports personality development.

* Excerpts are translated from the original German.


If you are interested in our MBA program, there will be an Informational Event on our campus in Nuremberg on 27 November.

For more information, please contact Kerstin Lorentz-Sabisch, our degree program manager, via email or phone.

The application deadline for the MBA programs is 15 December 2017.