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Studying in Germany: Start Your Career in the Heart of Europe

A diverse economy with countless opportunities.

Germany is Europe's largest economy, ranking 4th in the world. Standing at the heart of business in the European Union, playing an important role in the global market. It is for that reason that studying in Germany offers its graduates opportunities in almost any sector they desire. As the centrepiece for personal development, OHM Professional School of the Nuremberg Tech (OPS) offers courses and opportunities to study, expand horizons, and keep on working in a field of passion.

Studying international business where it's directly applied

Germany's economy is intertwined with the European Economic Area and stretches out globally. Pursuing an MBA in Germany is a good way of studying at the source. OHM Professional School offers Management and International Business programmes in Nuremberg, Germany. Upon gaining a degree, it's possible to use it to kickstart a career in any of the many industries Germany has to offer.

Furthermore, the country's higher education enjoys a magnificent reputation abroad, and international companies will always scout for people according to its educational background. The established education system has always been focused on merging the challenges around working in a full time role and expanding one's horizon, focusing on creating offers that allow for a work-study balance. The synergy between studying and working in a role of business, allows for practical as well as theoretical exchange to blossom within the frame of one's life and personal development.

Countless benefits

Taking up a course at OPS allows students to take on the advantages of shifting life's focus towards growing in their careers and education, while remaining at the source of international business. Germany offers various opportunities:

  • Study at the heart of Europe
  • Evaluate the possibilities that come with making use of a globalised economy
  • Understand how the success story of an entire country, its companies and entrepreneurs influence international business
  • Aim to re-create your learnings in a global context

Managing the challenges of economic development requires lifelong learning

In Germany, they say "one has never seized to learn", and in a world constantly developing, rapidly so, because of technological development, the need for further education becomes apparent. Many of the methods used in business today weren't around in traditional business education. Furthermore, traditional education forgets to emphasise the importance of future-oriented management skills. Struggling companies abroad often hire German managers to help their business, and many of them succeed in re-building a stronger company.

OHM Professional School offers, beside the English-language and internationally designed MBA programs, courses on supply chain and facility management, but also on digitalisation and cost control. Following in the footsteps of German mentality, financial health is a key indicator one learns to observe and nurture in the context of ever expanding business. In the spirit of responsibility, learning about different elements of management, allows graduates to pursue higher roles, but also exceed in the roles they're already working in to begin with. Link theory and practice – at OPS in Nuremberg, Germany.