Welcome to Germany and above all to beautiful Nuremberg. We are pleased to welcome you as a student at the Business School OHM Professional School (OPS).

In order to make your arrival and start in Nuremberg as easy and as smooth as possible, we have put together the most important basic information.



1. Students younger than 30 years can apply for accommodation at the Studentenwerk (Student Service Association). The association runs six halls of residence in Nuremberg. The monthly rent for single apartments varies from €180 to €250 (includes water and heating but not electricity).

Special conditions have been agreed between the OPS Professional School and the local Studentenwerk. Therefore, Master students are advised to contact our student's office. Your contact person is the Program Manager Kerstin Lorentz-Sabisch. You can contact her at the institute or via email and she will guide you through the dormitories application process.

Noteworthy facts:

  • The first payment and deposit have to be transferred before the semester starts, otherwise your room will be offered to another applicant.
  • Women-only residential accommodation is available.
  • Please note: There is only a limited number of public student apartments available. First come, first serve!

2. For applicants older than 30 years there are several apartment houses. There you have to calculate with €300 to €400 for monthly rental expenses.

3. Students who are coming with their families will either search the private housing market for furnished apartments or can benefit from the service of a relocation service and may stay in a hotel for the first days.

Within two weeks after your arrival in Nuremberg, you have to register with the city of Nuremberg (Registration Office/ Einwohnermeldeamt).

Only after finding permanent accommodation (rental contract needed) you can apply for your residence permit in Nuremberg. For that please go to the Office for Foreign Affairs (Ausländeramt) and apply for a permanent residence permit which will be valid for one year. This must be done within three months after entering Germany at the latest. After making this application (the form is in German but you can get assistance from our Program Managers at OPS). You will be given an appointment approximately four weeks after filling in this application.

To get your residence permit you have to provide:

  • Biometric photo
  • Security deposit in a blocked account
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of matriculation
  • Valid passport
  • Fee of €100

The authorities will contact you again two months before expiration of your residence permit for further proceeding.

Noteworthy facts:

  • Make copies of your confirmation of registration since it will be requested by various institutes as proof of your address.
  • A residence permit is only valid for one year.
  • Subsequent changes in your address have to be reported at the registration office.

Stadt Nürnberg – Einwohnermeldeamt
Ausländeramt (same building, different floors)

Hirschelgasse 32
90403 Nürnberg
Tel.: +49 911231 8545


It is mandatory for students to take out either public health insurance (students <30 years) e.g. AOK, DAK, Barmer, Techniker Krankenkasse etc. or private health insurance (students >30 years) e.g. Mawista, Care Concept, Care Med.

Monthly fees for compulsory insurance for students in Germany are about €85.

To take out health insurance, bring the following documents to the insurance company of your choice:

  • Valid passport
  • Student identity card / matriculation certificate

The German health insurance can be signed after your arrival in Nuremberg. Take your time to find out the best offer for your needs.

In order to install the obligatory blocked account, students have to open a bank account at a German bank. There are a lot of banks offering free banking to students, for example Deutsche Bank, Sparkasse, Commerzbank etc.

Go to a bank of your choice and take the following documents with you:

  • Valid passport
  • Matriculation certificate or authorization certificate
  • Proof of German residence (not always required)

After opening the account, the bank will send your bank card and pin number to your German address.

The Sparkasse even has a special contact person for students: David Kirner will visit the OHM Professional School during the first days of the semester.

As a foreign student in Germany, you will usually receive a study visa.

A study visa usually allows you to work part-time: 120 days or 240 half-days within a calendar year (for more information visit: http://www.internationale-studierende.de/en/prepare_your_studies/financing/jobbing/).

In case you want to work more than part-time, you will need permission from the Ausländeramt in Nuremberg.

Please note: Your work activities should not affect your studies!

Working after your studies in Germany

Once you have finished your studies, you can apply for a visa extension of 1.5 years. The only purpose of the visa extension is to allow you to search for an appropriate job after you graduate.


A tax card is a prerequisite for working in Germany. You can obtain a tax card at the registration office in Nuremberg.

Please bring the following documents with you:

  • Valid passport
  • Student identity card

For more information, please refer to the following website:

The standard of living in Germany is relatively high. This is reflected in the cost of living. You should budget for expenses of approximately €800 per month (the average for a German university student). However, the monthly expenses depend on your lifestyle as well as your needs.

Reduced costs of living are possible especially for students due to:

  • Living in student dormitories or shared flats
  • Eating at university canteens
  • Student discounts in sports centres, for public transportation, cultural events, etc.

Depending on your country of origin, the entry requirements for the Federal Republic of Germany will vary. Therefore, please inquire about your specific entry requirements with the relevant diplomatic representative (German embassy or consulate) in your home country before plan on doing the MBA program in Nuremberg.

You are not allowed to enter Germany with a tourist visa if you intend to study in Germany. Furthermore you will not be able to change an existing tourist visa for study purposes after you have entered the Federal Republic of Germany.

Visa for Study Applicants

All international students have to apply for a study visa at the German embassy / consulate in their home countries. In order to receive a visa as an applicant for a course of studies, the following documents are usually required (additional local requirements may apply):

  • Completed visa application forms available at the German embassy/consulate
  • Valid passport
  • Letter of admission from the OHM Professional School
  • Proof of Financial resources *
  • Proof of health insurance**

* Proof of financial resources: In order to meet the student visa requirements, all foreign

students have to demonstrate availability of sufficient funds. The German authorities currently estimate that you will need €800/ month. Assuming that the study period at the OPS is 12 months, you need to be able to provide evidence that you have €7,200 for your period of stay in Nuremberg. You are required to open a blocked bank account at Deutsche Bank in your home country.

** Proof of health insurance: The German embassy or consulate may ask you to provide proof of health insurance covering the whole period of your stay in Nuremberg. We advise you not to take out travel health insurance in your home country, as this may not be accepted by the German authorities. There is enough time after your arrival in Germany to conclude a German health insurance contract. The fee is the same for all health insurance companies, amounting to about €85/ month. Students who are older than 30 years of age must take out private insurance. Here they can choose from different scales and fees accordingly.

After submitting all the required documents, it will take about six weeks for the visa application to be processed. You will then be issued an entry visa for Germany, which is valid for three months. Within these three months of arrival, you need to apply for a residence permit for the remaining time until your depart from Germany. To obtain this residence permit, please make an appointment with the Office for Foreign Affairs Nuremberg.

Visa extension

You must apply for a visa extension within three months after your arrival in Germany. To obtain a visa extension, you need an appointment with the Office for Foreign Affairs Nuremberg either by phone or in person.

Please take the following documents with you to get the extension:

  • Completed visa extension form*
  • Matriculation certificate
  • Passport
  • Bank account statement
  • Insurance document

*The visa extension form is only available in German. If you need help to fill in the form, feel free to contact our Program Managers.

For further information, please refer to the following website: